you did it!

You survived your first brazilian or bikini sugaring, now what?

What should I do after my treatment?

EXFOLIATE. Especially, those with curly or more coarse hair. Begin exfoliating 2-4 days after your first appointment using a natural bristle pad or shower gloves in the shower EVERY day. You  can also use a washcloth with exfoliating scrub (salt scrubs are my favorite). Exfoliating is particularly important right as the hairs begin to surface. If in-growns occur a product called, PFB can be used to quickly heal them.

Can I sunbathe, swim, exercise or have sex after sugaring?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Will I get bumps like I do after waxing?

Some people will still get a histamine reaction like they do with waxing. Your skin isn’t damaged, it can swell from the hair being removed from the root. It usually isn’t nearly as strong as the reaction you normally would get with wax. You can take an anti-histamine like Benadryl before your appointment to help prevent this.

How long do I wait between appointments?

The optimal amount of time is 3-4 weeks. You want to remove the hair by the root while the hair is being nourished in order to discourage the hair from growing back! Some people come every 2 weeks! Pricing is adjusted for less than 3 weeks.

How long does sugaring last?

(Hair growth cycles explanation). Your hair has 3 growth cycles. On your very first visit we get the 1st, 2nd and PART of the 3rd hair growth cycles. Once you return to get sugared 2-3 times we start getting all 3 hair growth cycles out at the SAME TIME! (If you feel any stubble whatsoever after your first appointment, it’s the third cycle barely poking out. Once you come back a couple more times we get them all at the same time). After your first sugaring, it should last 2-3 weeks. As you continue to get sugared you can go 3-6 weeks! Depends on the persons OCD 🙂 & how fast your hair grows.

Will the hair grow back darker and coarser?

No. On the contrary, the hair will grow back much more fine (and sometimes sparsely until we get all hair growth cycles coming out at the same time). Sugar removes the hair from the root, traumatizing the follicle wall, thus discouraging hair growth. Regular visits will noticeably reduce hair growth, re-growth will take longer to appear and is considerably thinner.

Can hair removal by sugaring last forever?

It is possible to become permanently hairless if you sugar yourself correctly and regularly. If and how long it will take you stay hairless depends on several factors. As every human being is an individual, there are individual hair types, so it could be the case that you stay hairless after a few treatments where as others many need many more. Also, the method you previously used to remove hair has a strong influence. Hair growth intensity is stronger in some areas of the body.